NE Storm Makes Presence Known at Fall Classic and Local Madness

In Week 2 of our Fall Season, our Storm teams picked up where they left off with some quality game play as our teams participated in the Local Madness and Magic Fall Classic events.

Our 7th grade teams stole the show the weekend finishing undefeated among our 4 7th grade teams.


NE Storm 7th White-    Participated in the Fall Classic event on Saturday.  Finished 2-0 after 61-24 and 62-17 wins.

NE Storm 7th Black-     Participated in the Fall Classic event on Saturday.  Had two highly competitive games and prevailed 2-0 after 46-45 and 40-36 wins.

NE Storm 7th Vitulli/Doucas-     Participated in the Local Madness Tournament.  The team played up in the 8th grade division again this weekend and finished 2-0 with 55-25 and 60-43 wins.

NE Storm 7th Doucas/Vitulli-    Participated in the Local Madness Tournament.   Another impressive showing for this group as well as they went undefeated with a 67-28 and a 56-36 win on Saturday.


NE Storm Varsity-  Shorthanded group on Saturday but the team played extremely well to finish 2-0 with 71-36 win and 87-73 wins on the weekend.

NE Storm 8th-  The 8th grade boys had a solid Saturday with two great games.  They finished 1-1 starting out the day with a 53-39 win and fell in game two 59-54.



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