JUNE 10-11

Teams this weekend will be competing in ZG Nationals (NE Storm Boys),  Huskies Spring Challenge (Girls),  and Ballin at the Beach (RIM Storm)

All links and team schedules are posted below.  As always-  PLEASE CHECK THE LINK TO MAKE SURE GAME TIMES HAVE NOT BEEN CHANGED/UPDATED

If you take any photos please email to me or post up on Twitter and tag @NEStormBball and @RIMStorm so we can post online. 


ZG Nationals Tournament

 *All Gym Locations Addresses on the Places Tab on the Schedule Link.
3rd Grade Vitulli/Doucas
Saturday-     1:00 PM     vs    Mass Rivals    @ Mass Premier CT 3
Saturday-     3:00 PM    vs    DB Gladiators    @ Mass Premier CT 4
Saturday-     5:00 PM     vs    Bay State Jags    @ Mass Premier CT 4

Sunday-         1:00 PM    vs    CT Playmakers     @ MPLEX 2

Sunday-        3pm        *If 2nd or 3rd in Pool            Mass Premier Courts 1

Sunday-        4pm            Championship if win or 1st in pool        Mass Premier Courts CT 3

5th Grade Pemberton
Saturday     5:00 PM    vs    Blue Wave Elite @ MillWorks CT 5
Saturday     7:00 PM     vs    Bingo All Stars (NY)    @ MillWorks CT 6

Sunday     10:00 AM     vs    RI Elite        @ Waltham HS CT 2

Sunday-        3pm            Semifinal *If 1st in Pool        Millworks CT 6

Sunday-       5pm                Championship *If win        Millworks CT 4

Sunday-        5pm                Consolation 4th Game if 2nd in Pool        Millworks CT 5

Sunday-        3pm            Consolation 4th Game if 3rd or 4th in Pool        Kennedy Middle School

NE Storm 6th Grade D1
Saturday     9:00 AM    vs  NY Extreme     @ MPC 4
Saturday     11:00 AM    vs     Albany Knicks    @ MPC 4
Saturday-     4:00 PM     vs      New England Playaz      @ MPC 4;

Sunday-     8:00 AM     vs      MV Pride          @ MPLEX 1
Sunday-      2pm            *If 2nd in Pool                @ MPLEX CT 2

Sunday-      5pm                Semifinal *If 1st in Pool        MPLEX CT 4

Sunday-     7pm                Championship *If Win            MPLEX CT 5

NE Storm 6th Grade D2
Saturday-    8:00 AM    vs   Heat Elite  @ Mass Premier CT 4
Saturday-     10:00 AM     vs    GHPA    @Mass Premier CT 4
Sunday-     10:00 AM    vs       AFK Renegades      @ MPLEX 1

Sunday-      2pm            *If 1st in Pool           @ MPLEX CT 1

Sunday-    4pm                Semifinal *If Win        @ MPLEX CT 5

Sunday-    7pm                Championship *If Win        @ MPLEX CT2

Sunday-     4pm               *If 2nd in Pool Consolation 4th Game    ForeKicks Taunton CT 3

Sunday-    2pm                *If 3rd in Pool Consolation  4th Game    Reggie Lewis Center CT 4

Sunday-    2pm                *If 4th in Pool Consolation  4th Game     Simmons College

NE Storm 6th Grade Doherty-
Saturday-     10:00 AM    vs     @ Reggie Lewis Center CT1
Saturday-     1:00 PM    vs     @ Reggie Lewis Center CT1
Saturday-     3:00 PM     vs    @ Reggie Lewis Center CT2
Sunday-     10:00 AM    vs     @ Reggie Lewis Center CT2

Sunday-    3pm        *If 1st or 2nd in Pool        @ MPLEX

Sunday-     5pm        Semifinal                @ MPLEX

Sunday-    7pm        Championship        @ MPLEX

7th Grade Bettencourt
Saturday-     1:00 PM    vs    Strong Mature Minds (DE) @ Taunton HS 2
Saturday-     3:00 PM     vs     Marksmen Basketball (NY)   @ Taunton HS 3
Saturday-     7:00 PM     vs     I am Basketball (VA)   @ Taunton HS 2

Sunday-     9:00 AM     vs     C4 (NH)       @ ForeKicks Taunton 3

Sunday-    1pm        *If 2nd in Pool        Taunton HS

Sunday-    2pm        *If 1st in Pool        Foxboro Charter School

Sunday-    4pm            *If Win        Taunton HS

Sunday-    5pm            *If Win        Taunton HS

Sunday-    6pm            *If Win   Championship

8th Grade Oakleaf
Saturday-     12:00 PM    vs      ASA Select   @ Dedham HS CT2
Saturday-     2:00 PM     vs     GHPA       @ MPLEX 4
Sunday-     11:00 AM     vs     Northeast Elite       @ Waltham HS 1

Sunday-    3pm                *If 1st in Pool  Semifinals    University Sportsplex Hanover CT 8

Sunday-    4pm                Championship                University Sportsplex Hanover CT 2


9th Grade Wheeler-
Saturday-     8:00 AM     vs    Mass Attack    @ MPLEX 4

Saturday-     11:00 AM    vs     AFB Freedom   @ MPLEX 3

Sunday-     9:00 AM     vs       NY Extreme     @ Mass Premier Courts CT 4

Sunday-    3pm        *If 1st in Pool        Mass Premier CT 2

Sunday-    6pm        Semifinal if Win        MPLEX CT 5

Sunday-    7pm        Championship            MPLEX CT 4

10th Grade Medeiros

Saturday-     9:00 AM       vs     Rise Above Basketball     @ Kingston Sports Center CT 2

Saturday-     11:00 AM     vs     Queens Pythons   @ Kingston Sports Center CT 1

Sunday-     11:00 AM    vs     Philly Freedom Stars    @ Kingston Sports Center CT 2

Sunday-    1pm         *If 1st in Pool            University Sportsplex CT 1

Sunday-    4pm        Semifinal if Win        University Sportsplex CT 3

Sunday-     5pm        Championship            University Sportsplex CT 8


11th Grade Wheeler

Saturday-     3:00 PM     vs    RI Cyclones (RI)    @ University Sportsplex CT 1  

Saturday-     7:00 PM     vs    CT Select Varsity (CT)    @ University Sportsplex CT 7 

Saturday-     9:00 PM    vs     New England Playaz (MA)    University Sportsplex CT 3 

Sunday-    12pm            *If 1st in Pool        University Sportsplex CT 6

Sunday-    2pm                *If Win    Semifinals        University Sportsplex CT 5

Sunday-    5pm                *Championship                University Sportsplex CT 4

Huskies Spring Shootout

RIM Storm 4th Grade Girls (Campbell)
Saturday-    1:25pm    vs    Huskies        Salemwood CT 9
Saturday-    3:35pm    vs    BDS            Salemwood CT 7
Sunday-       8am    vs    O-Zone        Medford HS CT 10
Sunday-    2:30pm    Championship *If 1st    Medford HS CT 11
RIM Storm 7th Grade Girls (Campbell)
Saturday-    8am    vs        MT Elite Ducks        Salemwood CT 9
Saturday-    12:20pm    vs     Huskies 1       Salemwood CT 9
Sunday-    10:10am    vs        Huskies 2        UMass CT 5
Sunday-    4:40pm        Championship *If 1st        UMass Boston
NE Storm 7th Grade Girls (Von Sneidern)
Saturday-    1:25pm    vs   MT Elite Ducks   Salemwood School CT 8
Saturday-    3:35pm    vs   Showstoppers   UMass Boston CT 6
Sunday-    1:25pm    vs    Ocean State Panthers    Medford HS CT 13
Sunday-    4:40pm        Championship *If 1st            UMass Boston
NE Storm 9th Girls (Hill)
Saturday-    4:40pm    vs    MV Roadrunners         Medford HS CT 13
Saturday-    6:50pm    vs    BSS        Medford HS CT 11
Sunday-    9:05am    vs    Huskies        Medford HS CT 11
Sunday-    4:40pm    Championship *If 1st        Medford HS CT 10
Gym Addresses-
Salemwood School-     529 Salem St, Malden, MA
Medford HS-    489 Winthrop St, Medford
UMass Boston-    100 William T Morrissey Blvd, Boston
Ballin at the Beach Tournament

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RIM Storm 6th Grade Boys-
Saturday-    3pm    vs    Port City Riptide Blue        Greely HS
Saturday-    4:05pm    vs         Port City Riptide 2.0        Greely HS
Sunday-    2:30pm    vs    TGK          Maine Girls Academy
Sunday-    3:35pm        vs       RI Warriors                Maine Girls Academy
RIM Storm 7th Grade Boys-
Saturday-    11:45am    vs    TGK            Greely Middle School
Saturday-    1:55pm    vs    Cape        Greely Middle School
Sunday-        8am    vs        Port City Riptide Blue           Maine Girls Academy
Sunday-        11:15am    vs        Port City Riptide Gold        Maine Girls Academy
Greely High School (GHS)
303 Main Street
Cumberland , ME , 04021
Greely Middle School (GMS)
351 Tuttle Rd.

Cumberland Center , ME , 04021

Main (MN)
Maine Girls Academy (MGA)
631 Stevens Avenue
Portland , ME , 04103
Main (MN)